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Our Weddings!

DJ Packages

All our packages include DJ & MC a Powerful Sound system - Uplighting & Dance  Lighting packages – 2 Personalized meetings! 


The DJ will play music for all the introductions, dances, dinner, and then get the crowd dancing until the late hours of the night. He would sit down with you and your fiancé for any special songs or play lists you have in mind. Each event is personalized towards the couples interests and genre of music. You will also have a DO NOT playlist for all songs you do not want to hear. 


The MC will also host the night for you, no stressing over what needs to get done and what time it needs to happen, our MC will make sure you're having a blast and not worrying about when you need to cut the cake. He will take care of all of the announcements, work with your Vendors so they can capture your special wedding moments!


We have a wide variety Lighting packages that would include dance floor lights to wow the crowd, elegant lighting on ceilings to create a beautiful atmosphere and uplighting can be placed around the hall, behind your wedding party, or sweetheart table. Uplighting will be set to the color of your wedding and can be changed to ANY color*.

Videography Packages

All packages include the following: HIGH DEFINITION FILMING


We use high definition DSLR cameras that allow us to shoot with the look and feel of film. Our cameras capture an image displayed at 1920 x 1080 at 24 fps, the frame rate of 35mm film used in the film industry. HD allows for more dynamic range and a widescreen aspect ratio. 


DVD \ Blu-Ray \ USB formats
We provide a fully designed DVD\Blu-Ray with navigation and a menus including your wedding montages and any extras you’ve selected for your package. Every DVD\Blu-Ray has custom print artwork.

USB stick is 

Custom keepsake CASE – Canvas printed case with artwork from your wedding.


1 or 2 Camera setups are available!


Videos will include the following:

All videos are High quality HD 1080p digital videos

Depending on packages choose,  Video Montage of your entire event - Full length edit of your wedding reception - Full Length Ceremony, Interviews and or candid moments! 

All Videos

All Videos

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